Here at Marshal Precision we do everything we can to provide our customer with the best products and services that meet or exceed your expectations for an affordable price and value.

Marshal Precision designs, manufactures and sells actions, rifles and accessories. Our products and our means of producing them are highly engineered, derived from years of pursuit of a truthful and comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals.

Marshal Precision tests firearms beyond SAAMI standards to ensure that the resulting failures will not seriously injure or kill either the user of the firearm or bystanders.

We are really open to hear what you have to say about anything too! Give us a call or send us an email and we will get things sorted.


We use contractors to make our parts in the USA, New Zealand and China.

We mainly use OKUMA CNC machinery, a famous japanese CNC machinery builder, to make our actions and parts.

Then, every and each part gets checked by us since they get in to our facilities here in New Zealand till they go out. We check for GT&D, hardness, alloys (we use x-ray spectrometer), coating and etc and assure they are compliant with our standards.