● BARREL NUT - for easy barrel swap. Made out of 4340 alloy. *** THIS IS OPTIONAL ***


● ALUMINUM STOCK - 6061-T6 Aluminum rifle stock with a black hard anodizing to be used with AR15's butt stock, buffer tube and grip


● BOLT - 2 parts nitrided bolt with middle locking lugs. Short throw at 40mm or 1.575" and it uses Sako extractor. You can change calibers by changing the front bolt, magazine and, of course, barrels


● FIRING PIN - polished and nitrided firing pin for smooth operation. You can set firing pin fall and cocking on close by adjusting the pin in or out


● COCKING PIECE - case hardened and threaded cocking piece for adjustment of firing pin fall and cocking on close. Two M3 grub screws lock the firing pin in place


● BOLT SHROUD - our bolt shrouds are not threaded so you can easily remove the firing pin assembly without special tools


● MAGAZINE HOUSING - the mag housings are ABS SLA 3D printed and painted. Very durable. They have been extensively tested by us and no signal of wear and tear and come with a 1911 pistol magazine catch. Really nice and smooth operation


● BOLT STOP/RELEASE - machined, hardened and nitrided bolt stop to guide the front bolt inside of the receiver and to release the whole bolt from the receiver